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Answers to Your Product Questions

Q: What is in Zija?
A: Zija is the first available nutritional health beverage (100% natural liquid dietary supplement) from the nutrient-rich Moringa oleifera. It’s packed with 90-plus verifiable nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids (all of them), omega oils, phytonutrients, supreme antioxidants and anti-inflammatories found in Moringa. Zija contains 30 grams of Moringa (fruit, leaf, seed), natural cane sugar, natural flavor, citric acid (natural preservative), agar, acacia and ester gums, fruit pectin (assists suspension), and purified spring water.

Q: When is the best time to drink Zija?
A: The best time to drink Zija is on an empty stomach at least 15 minutes before a healthy meal. Zija was designed to be fully absorbable by the body, and any other foods or beverages may reduce bioavailability.

Q: What can Zija do for me?
A: Many have reported improvements in digestion, vision, mental clarity, overall well-being, plus a reduction in symptoms associated with fatigue, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and aging. Additional benefits such as improved skin and positive mood are reported.

Q: How long does it take to feel a difference?
A: We have had people tell us they have noticed a difference in 7-10 days. However, please remember that everyone responds differently to Zija.

Q: What is a metabolic trigger?
A: A metabolic trigger means that Zija’s synergistic Z-Atin sets your nutritional process in motion to absorb the nutrients optimally. Z-Atin is a combination of naturally occurring nutrients in Moringa – antioxidants, flavonoids, and phytochemicals to synergistically trigger your metabolism. These nutrients benefit your heart, skin, blood sugar levels and cells, and help where your body needs nutrients most.

Q: What are the specific nutrient values of Zija?

A: The specific ingredients of Zija are as follows: Moringa oleifera leaf powder, leaf puree, seed cake, fruit powder and fruit juice in a proprietary blend that has 30 grams per can. Additionally, Zija contains purified spring water, natural flavors, citric acid, agar, acacia and ester gums, and fruit pectin. All vitamins and minerals, fibers, anti-oxidants, nutrients, and anti- inflammatories in Zija (over 90 in all) are naturally occurring from the Moringa in each can. Regarding specific nutrient values – we do not disclose these values because they are proprietary in nature. All vitamins and minerals from Zija are bioavailable and utilizable in human metabolization. The Moringa plant, commonly known as the Miracle Tree, has been used by people all over the world for thousands of years. For further information on the nutrient values of Moringa we highly recommend reading the ‘MIRACLE TREE’ book by Dr. Monica Marcu, Pharmacological Botanist and Clinical Pharmacological. You may also wish to visit www.pubmed.com to view a number of vetted abstracts or access www.treesforlife.org for worldwide support of this miracle plant.

Q: Is caffeoylquinic acid similar to caffeine?

A: No. Caffeoylquinic acid is a member of the flavonoids family and has incredible healing properties. Zija contains no caffeine or stimulants.

Q: Is Zija Gluten and MSG (Monosodium glutamate) Free?
A: Absolutely! Our entire product line is confidently 100% free of Gluten and MSG.

Q: Is Moringa oleifera GM (genetically modified)?
A: No, Moringa is one of few beneficial plants NOT genetically modified (GM). Today, alarmingly there are thousands of GM plants. Recent news reports confirm research brought to the media several years ago, that in animal studies a diet rich in GM corn fed to animals caused them to develop abnormalities to internal organs and changes to their blood. These studies raise fears that human health could be affected by eating GM food. In Dr. Monica G. Marcu’s book, “Miracle Tree”, she outlines the current health concerns of GM corn and soy as the modern day health hazard, especially among infants, and Moringa is a superior replacement, unblemished by GM as it delivers supreme nutrition to all ages.

Q: How is Zija manufactured?

A: One of the world’s most renowned formulators created this potent combination of Moringa’s most nutrient – rich parts – the leaves, fruit, and seeds. Everything good about the Moringa plant is part of Zija. 100% natural, no chemicals, preservatives, or concentrates. Zija is processed using flash pasteurization, bringing the beverage to a certain temperature for a very short amount of time, then immediately cooled to ensure that none of the valuable nutrients are lost.

Q: Why is Zija packaged in cans?

A: We chose the can for several reasons – safety, convenience, and protection. Unlike glass, no foreign objects will ever get into the product and cause harm to the consumer. Cans provide a 100% light barrier which protects nutrients and potency. The can’s interior has been safety coated with an approved aquaeous food-grade, plastic-free coating.

Q: Is Zija Kosher or Halal certified?
A: Yes. Zija is Kosher and Halal certified.

Q: What is Moringa oleifera?
A: Moringa oleifera is the most nutrient-rich plant yet discovered and has been making strides in less-developed societies for thousands of years. Moringa provides a rich and rare combination of nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties used for nutrition and healing

Q: What scientific studies support Moringa?

A: In the last ten years, extensive research articles, theses, reports, and patents have been published. Newspapers, scientific journals, and documentaries (Discovery Channel) feature Moringa more and more. The recently organized Moringa Tree International Conference sponsors education on Moringa’s use as an indigenous resource for fighting hunger and malnutrition.

Q: Are the essential amino acids Branched-Chained in Moringa and Zija?
A: Yes, the naturally occurring amino acids in Moringa and Zija are Branch-Chained.

Q: Is Moringa safe?

A: In underdeveloped countries, health organizations and clinics distribute Moringa to infants, children, pregnant and lactating women. Moringa is sometimes called “Mother’s Best Friend” and “Miracle Tree.” Since 1998, the World Health Organization and humanitarians have promoted Moringa as an alternative to imported food supplies to treat malnutrition. Visit www.pubmed.com

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: Moringa contains a high amount of chlorophyll and some may experience an upset stomach or nausea due to chlorophyll’s initial detoxification effect. If that occurs, we recommend drinking 1/2 can of Zija per day for one week, until detox side effects subside. Please consult your doctor if you have health concerns.

Q: Is Moringa safe to take with medications?
A: We are not aware of any negative interactions. Please consult your doctor if you have health concerns.

Q: Why does Zija use pure cane sugar?

A: Zija has 2 grams, or less, of natural pure cane sugar for better osmotic absorption of all bioavailable nutrients of Moringa and improved flavor. Zija does NOT use any nutrient-deficient, concentrated, chemically-altered, deionized fruit juice concentrates, or chemically produced and refined high fructose corn syrup, or hydrolyzed high fructose inulin sweeteners, unsafe artificial polyols, also found in soft drinks and other beverages, confectionery or processed foods. Many of these forms of refined sweeteners have been empirically, medically, and scientifically linked to nutrient depletion, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, hypoglycemia, and cancer.

Q: What sets Zija apart from other beverages and liquid dietary supplements?
A: Most liquid dietary supplements and fruit drinks are made from fruit juice concentrates. Research and analytical tests confirm concentrates are essentially sugar and flavor as the concentration process strips out 90% of the nutrients. Zija is the first health beverage (100% natural liquid dietary supplement) using all of the beneficial and nutritious parts of the Moringa plant.

Q: What is the best book or reference I can get on Moringa oleifera?

A: The most recent publication on Moringa oleifera is by Dr. Monica Marcu, “Miracle Tree”, which is said to be the definitive reference. Early reviews call Marcu’s book the leading reference on Moringa as she takes her clinical and analytical laboratory experience and gives the health-conscious reader understanding on a majority of Moringa’s wealth of nutrients. She also covers Moringa’s history, re-discovery, nutrients, benefits, and traditional cures and modern uses. The information presented goes in-depth on the value of Moringa’s nutrients and amazing phytochemical compounds.

Q: Do you use a concentrate or extract process to manufacture Zija as some competitor’s product use?
A: In a word, No. Making a juice concentrate consists of heating to a high enough temperature so that the water content evaporates, leaving behind a stronger flavor than what would happen naturally. But this changes the character, especially the nutritional character, and detrimentally increases sugar content. This is the reason manufacturers of juices and liquid dietary supplements add large amounts of manufactured and synthesized vitamins and minerals back in before packaging. Your body recognizes synthesized nutrients as foreign and they have been proven through research to be less bioavailable, less absorbable. Other competitive companies with liquid dietary supplements see Zija as a threat as we deliver to the consumer a highly efficacious and nutritious product without the use of concentrates or synthesized nutrients. Zija contains the natural, unblemished goodness from the Moringa oleifera.

Q: Is Moringa’s dried leaf powder more potent than fresh Moringa leaf?
A: When you take a delicate Moringa leaf and carefully shade dry it – amazing things happen. There is significantly higher nutritional value in the Moringa dried leaf, in some cases over ten times in specific nutrients when compared to fresh Moringa leaf. Many universities and independent research laboratory analyses have confirmed the higher nutritional values in the dried leaf powder. Looking at the label of Zija, you’ll see that we use both Moringa fresh leaf and dried leaf, in addition to the fruit and seed cake. What’s more amazing is the gram for gram comparison of Moringa to common fruits and vegetables. The nutritional values of Moringa’s many vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, chlorophyll, and anti-aging compounds are higher than it’s own fresh leaves.

Q: What is the difference between Zija’s minerals compared to manufactured mineral supplements?

A: Manufactured minerals are simply industrial rocks and not an organic food for humans. With the exception of common table salt, studies show the body treats these isolated minerals like foreign substances, and nutritional absorption is limited. It is not the amount of a mineral you ingest that is important, but its form and how much is absorbed that counts the most. That’s why studies show that minerals in their natural state deliver more nutrition than individual supplements. For biochemical reasons this proves that food plant minerals are superior for humans. Recently a world-renowned nutritional formulator stated that only 8% to 10% of vitamin and mineral tablets are absorbed. Contrast that to the 100% absorption rate of Zija. Zija delivers synergy. Synergy means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The “Miracle Tree”, Moringa oleifera, is a highly complex and nutrient-rich plant source and Zija has a special proprietary combination of the five beneficial plant parts of Moringa. Zija’s variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, cofactors, trace elements, activators, regulators and many other phytonutrients all work together synergistically to enable each nutrient to do its complex job in your body. Here is a sample of bioavailability of whole plant minerals compared to isolated mineral supplements: Bioavailability of Whole Plant Minerals Calcium – Up to 8.79 times more bioavailable. Chromium – Up to 25 times more bioavailable. Copper – 1.85 time more retained in the liver. Iron – 1.77 times more absorbed into blood. Magnesium – Up to 2.20 times more bioavailable. Manganese – 1.63 times more retained in the liver. Molybdenum – 16.49 times more absorbed into blood. Selenium – Up to 17.60 times the antioxidant effect. Zinc – 6.46 times more absorbed into blood.

Q: Does Zija lose any of the natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the Moringa plant during the pasteurization process?
A: No, Zija is processed using a unique pasteurization process referred to as flash pasteurization. Flash pasteurization brings the liquid to a certain temperature for a very short amount of time and the beverage is immediately sent through a cooling process to ensure that none of the valuable nutrients are lost during this process.

Q: I’ve learned Zija has more anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants than any other supplements. How many of each of these is in the Zija beverage?

A: Before providing the specific information, you should know that antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds work best when combined with other antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. Nature allowed for a better efficacy when combined, a synergy of the compounds being much more effective than a single compound. Moringa contains the following antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds or compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Antioxidant: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B (Choline), Vitamin B1 (Thiamin), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B6, Alanine, Alpha-Carotene, Arginine, Beta-Carotene, Beta-sitosterol, Caffeoylquinic Acid, Campesterol, Carotenoids, Chlorophyll, Chromium, Delta-5-Avenasterol, Delta-7-Avenasterol, Glutathione, Histidine, Indole Acetic Acid, Indoleacetonitrile, Kaempferal, Leucine, Lutein, Methionine, Myristic-Acid, Palmitic-Acid, Prolamine, Proline, Quercetin, Rutin, Selenium, Threonine, Tryptophan, Xanthins, Xanthophyll, Zeatin, Zeaxanthin, Zinc. Anti-inflammatory: Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 (Thiamin), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Arginine, Beta-sitosterol, Caffeoylquinic Acid, Calcium, Chlorophyll, Copper, Cystine, Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, Fiber, Glutathione, Histidine, Indole Acetic Acid, Indoleacetonitrile, Isoleucine, Kaempferal, Leucine, Magnesium, Oleic-Acid, Phenylalanine, Potassium, Quercetin, Rutin, Selenium, Stigmasterol, Sulfur, Tryptophan, Tyrosine, Zeatin, Zinc. There are over 46 antioxidants and 36 anti-inflammatory compounds all naturally occurring in the Moringa plant. This is why we refer to Zija as having supreme antioxidants and supreme anti-inflammatory characteristics. When consumed as part of the Zija beverage, the efficacy is much greater than if consumed separately or from synthetic sources.

Q: Is Zija organic, and does it have preservatives?

A: Zija’s Moringa is organically harvested – the way Mother Nature intended. We do not include preservatives other than a high quality, natural preservative found in lemons and limes – citric acid. Unlike synthetic vitamins, Zija is a pure, all-natural source of nutrition. Shelf life of up to one year is expected, yet we recommend you drink Zija daily for optimum cumulative benefits.

Q: What is Zija’s Return Policy?

A. Distributors may only return “resalable”, unused, unencumbered product inventory with current labels and intact seals in good condition, within thirty (30) days of purchase. This product must be shipped, pre-paid by Customer to the Company’s Warehouse after following the procedures outlined in the Returns Procedure. In order to be classified as “resalable”, the product must be unopened. This condition will be determined after thorough examination by the Company. The Distributor will then be refunded eighty-five (85) percent of the net cost of the product, less any commissions (shipping, rebates, promotions, etc.) previously credited to the Distributor for purchasing the inventory being returned. Any bonuses or commissions paid to the Distributor’s upline on the returned merchandise product volume will be debited from any upline beneficiaries’ account. A “charge back” transaction will appear as a debit on the upline’s next commission report. If this policy conflicts with a particular law of a jurisdiction, where a specific buyback requirement has been enacted by law, the Company shall repurchase resalable products in accordance with the applicable statute. The Returns Procedures must be followed in order to return product.